Volume 1: A Father's Love

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Although everything in this song is not representative of my father, it has helped me to understand both him and myself better. It reminds me of all those times I was frustrated when he said things like:

“Did you check the oil in your car?”
“I checked the air in your car tires, and it was low.”
“Did you renew your auto tags?”

As I listened to this song for the first time, it revealed to me what my dad was really saying. The older I get, the more sense it makes, and I see myself saying things in the same way dad did.

Maybe you did not hear these phrases from your father. Maybe it was your grandfather, or someone else who loved you. No matter who that person was for you, this song will help you to have a total shift in thinking about what that person in your life was really saying when they ask you such questions.

Listen and enjoy the memories of your life, and what that person may really have been saying to you.

Yours in the adventure of Life,

Carl Drew
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